The 4th China Foundry Festival


At 5:00 pm on August 20th, amid the roar of dismantling machines at the National Convention and Exhibition Center, the highlight of the “Fourth China Foundry Festival” that attracted the attention of the industry-the 2020 Casting Expo & Die Casting Exhibition ended successfully! This also marks the victory of the casting festival!
As this year’s largest foundry expo integrating exhibitions, business negotiations, academic exchanges, new product releases, cultural revival, and firm beliefs, it has an exhibition area of 65,000 square meters and received 54185 professional visitors to the conference for purchase and negotiation, the first line to open The complementary combination of the mode of visiting the exhibition and the actual offline experience perfectly presents the double exhibition to the colleagues in the industry. With the addition of channels, innovative methods, building bridges, and full use of the platform, the exhibition deserves its name as an authoritative, forward-looking and leading industry-wide brand event.

At the same time, more than 20 regional and professional pavilions from Shanxi, Guangdong, Hebei and other places also used the exhibition platform to gather competition and work together. Based on the advantages of various regions, resources and characteristic industries, they concentrated on displaying China’s foundry industry. The fruitful results of structural adjustment.

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Post time: Aug-28-2020

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